Armi Grinstein Geodetic Engineering LTD. is one of Israel’s leading and experienced companies in geodetic services. The company, established in 1973, specializes in large-scale urban mapping and precise geodetic infrastructure for planning, construction, land management, transportation, underground projects and unique - high precision surveying projects. The company has special expertise in land registration and is responsible for the largest registration project in Israel, in the city of Modi’in.

Our company has unparalleled reputation in unique projects, requiring the use of special surveying techniques, highly accurate instruments, sophisticated software and data processing tools. Several examples of such projects:

  • Surveying in the largest railway project in Israel; the express railway line to Jerusalem (including 40 km of tunnels)
  • Consulting and surveying in the first pumped storage power plant in Israel – In the Gilboa (including 6 km of tunnels)
  • Registration of most parts of the city of Modi’in
  • Surveying and analysis of deterioration of Cliffs (Massada, Natanya)
  • Rehabilitation of historical buildings (the column house in Tel-Aviv, the Italian hospital and the Swedish Institute in Jerusalem)
  • 3D cadastre research for the Survey of Israel and production of the World's first spatial cadastral plan.

 The company was the first in Israel to introduce a laser total-station (Geo, Fennel); the first private company that purchased and used geodetic GPS receivers; founded Israel’s first digital photogrammetry private company (ADM – Advanced Digital Mapping); was the first surveying company that successfully executed land registration for thousands of apartments and was the first company that specialized in 3D Cadastre and production of 3D registration models and plans.

Armi Grinstein Geodetic Engineering LTD. is a private company, owned and managed by Armi Grinstein – a geodetic and civil engineer (B.Sc. Civil Engineering 1966, the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology) and a licensed surveyor #392. The company has ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.


Our geodetic services include:

  • Large-scale topographic mapping, from ground surveying and aerial photogrammetry.
  • Surveying in underground projects: railways, complex tunnel systems, shafts, underground installations and more.
  • Plans for Land Management.
  • Land registration in the legal register (the Ministry of Justice).
  • Precise geodetic control networks – Horizontal and Vertical – GPS, total-station observations, precise leveling and other methods. We have special expertise in establishing and surveying underground control networks.
  • Photogrammetric infrastructure and products: control points, block solutions, orthophoto, DTM / DEM / DSM and more.
  • 3D CAD models, land registration plans and consulting in 3D cadaster.
  • GIS for engineering purposes.
  • Surveying for unique – high precision projects: deformations and small movements in foundations of buildings, rehabilitation and reconstruction of buildings, mapping of cliffs and steep slopes, precise surveying of steel and glass constructions, underground surveying, tunnels and shafts.
  • Coordination between planning organizations, constructors and local authorities, government offices.


The company supplies geodetic services to public and private organizations. Our main clients are:

  • Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd.
  • Israel Railways.
  • The Ministry of Construction and Housing.
  • The Ministry of Defense.
  • Israel Land Administration.
  • Nesher – Israeli Cement Industries.
  • The municipalities of Tel-Aviv, Modi’in, Tiberias, Rishon-Lezion, Natanya, Ashdod, Lod, Ramle, Beit-Shemesh.
  • Electra-Shikun Binuy – Pumped Storage Plant Gilboa.
  • Security Industries: RAFAEL, ELTA, IAI.
  • The Survey of Israel.
  • Construction and public companies: HABAS Group, Africa-Israel, Elad Hotels, Nave, Rasko, Mashab.

Some of our largest / unique projects:

  • Site surveyor of most parts of the city of Modi’in. Mapping, supervision of planning and construction, land registration plans and registration in the legal register for 27,000 apartments. (Since 1990).
  • Site surveyor of the Tel-Aviv - Jerusalem express railway line (A1) – Modi’in – Jerusalem section (including 40 km of tunnels). (Since 2005).
  • Surveying in national transportation projects for Netivei Israel – design, land expropriation and land registration plans:
    • Design Projects: Road 2 – Ha'sira and Shemaryahu interchanges; Road 4 – Raanana and Hadasim Junctions; Roads 71, 443, 574, 410, 437/60, 5714, 562, 316, 90, 25 and more.
    • Expropriation Projects: Road 71 from Afula to the Israel-Jordan Border; Road 85 (702 and 784 interchanges); Road 444 from Ben-Shemen to Rosh-Ha'ain; Roads 431 (Agricultural roads), 410.
    • Land Registration Plans: more than 100 registration blocks in Holon east interchange, Golani Interchange, Mesubim Interchange, Haemek Railway section B-2, Akko-Carmiel Railway section 1, Road 444, Road 531 west.
  • Land Registration Plans for Israel Railways: Road 531 / Hachof Railway, Hashfela Railway (Rehovot – Yavne).
  • Site surveyor of The Pumped Storage Plant Project in the Gilboa - 6 km of tunnels in one of the most complicated underground projects in Israel. The project includes an elaborate and complicated tunnel system with access tunnels, low and high pressure water tunnels, underground halls, vertical shafts (500 m and 100 m), an underground electricity station and more.
  • PAL3 Project – Design of concourse E in Natbag Airport, Terminal 3.
  • Chief Surveyor for Nesher Israeli Cement Industries – Ramle, Har-Tuv and Nesher Plants: Ground and photogrammetric surveying, detailed infrastructure surveys, surveys of industrial buildings, land registration plans and more.
  • Preparation of photogrammetric infrastructure and products in large-scale projects: Dead Sea project (87,500 acres, the Dead Sea plants), the Negev project (625,000 acres, the Ministry of Defense).
  • Site surveyor in the project of “Ganei-Aviv” in the city of Lod –- 8,000 apartments.
  • Site surveyor of the project of “Kiryat-Ganim” in the city of Rishon-Lezion – 2,800 apartments.
  • Preparation of public housing plans in the cities: Yokneam, Kiryat-Gat, Ashkelon and Sderot, for 10,000 apartments.
  • Preparation of infrastructure GIS in the city of Modi’in, the Flea Market in Jaffa, the Kirya in Tel-Aviv.
  • Photogrammetric control points – GPS: the entire area of Judea and Samaria, the central Negev.
  • Precise surveying of steel and glass constructions: the Azrieli center / Hashalom towers (Tel-Aviv), the garden tower (Ramat-Gan), Ovnat Center (Petah-Tikva), Platinum tower (Tel-Aviv).
  • Executing a 3D cadastre research in the Africa-Israel tower in Tel-Aviv and a national pilot in the main city center of Modi’in. Other R&D projects for government organizations.
  • Establishing the supreme control network for the trans-Israel road no. 6.
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the column house in Tel-Aviv and the Italian hospital and Swedish Institute in Jerusalem.
  • Surveying of cliffs and 3D topographic analysis: the cliffs of Natanya (6 Km), the historical site of Massada.
  • Geodetic and Cadastral consultation and services in the Angola Cadaster project.

We are committed to the success of our projects and guarantee the best services in Geodetic Engineering, Surveying and Mapping. You are welcomed to call us for consultation.


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